Environmental Services and Certified Firearms Training
                                                                                           Covering Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa

    NRA Certified Firearms Training for Southern Iowa and Northern Missouri
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NRA Certified Instructor in
Pistol, Shotgun, and Rifle
Certified Range Safety Officer 
USCCA affiliate instructor
Frontsight Ambassador
Counter ambush certified
Scheduling classes for the summer season at our new range facility.  Please call or e-mail for further information.
1-641-216-3133  vc-mail

We also offer custom classes tailored to your specific needs and wants, everything from basic comfort at arms classes to rock solid defensive classes. We offer personal protection and skill builder classes for defensive handgun, defensive shotgun and tactical carbine.  Let us know what you need and we will build a class to fit.

We can accommodate private groups or family classes. 

Plan on having a good time.
We are a very low pressure training facility. If you are not having a good time, you are probably not learning.

Currently Offered Training Courses

IA Permit to Carry Class
Personal Protection and
Comfort at Arms Classes

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course
This course is at least 8 hours long and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Students  will learn the NRA's rules for safe gun handling, pistol parts and operation, about ammunition and how it works, shooting fundamentals, range rules and procedures, shooting from the benchrest position, shooting from the standing position, cleaning your handgun and learn about continued opportunities for skill development. Students will receive the NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, and the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet.  The Basics of Pistol Shooting Student Examination will be given before the course completion certificate can be awarded.

NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course
This course is at least 8 hours long.  Students should expect to shoot approximately 100 rounds during this course.  Students will learn basic defensive shooting skills, strategies for home safety, how to respond to a violent confrontation, the law's view of firearms being used for self-defense, how to choose a handgun for self-defense and learn about continued opportunities for skill development.  Students will receive the NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection in the Home handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure and the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet.  Upon completion of this course a certificate will be awarded.  The NRA Personal Protection in the Home course is for law-abiding adult citizens.  They are required to be experienced shooters in the areas of safe gun handling, shooting a group, zeroing the firearm and cleaning the firearm.  Proof of shooting experience can be one of the following:  an NRA Basic Pistol Course certificate, NRA First Steps Course certificate, a military DD214 with pistol qualification or passing the Pre-Course Assessment test.

NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation
This course is at least 3 hours long.  Students will be introduced to pistol safety, parts, operation, ammunition and the fundamentals of pistol shooting.  Students will learn to shoot from the benchrest position.  Students will also learn about pistol cleaning, safe storage and further training opportunities.  This course is an excellent choice for entry level pistol shooters or for someone who is considering owning a pistol.

What to Bring to the Range
Your unloaded firearm in a case. Spare magazines. Eye protection. A baseball type cap with a bill. Hearing protection. Sturdy foot wear with no open toes. No sleeveless, low cut or midriff tops or shirts. If wearing shorts, they must be about knee length.  Bring your method of carry if you can.   Safety first. Depending on length of course, you might want to bring a lunch.  Water will be provided.
We have an alcohol and tobacco free facility.
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